The Ides of March

The political culture in America is more desperate than other countries and do prioritize winning over their values. There is hardly any difference between progressive values or conservative values and what they can offer. American politics is divided into the rest of the world whit the media as the judge was connection and money determines… Continue reading The Ides of March

9/11 2001

The text about the hijacked jets that destroyed the twin towers is heartbreaking. The feeling of loosing someone important to you while looking at it happening must be horrible. When I read the different stories from September 9th I felt shocked that they survived. For example when I read about John Cerqueira , 22, and… Continue reading 9/11 2001


The word outsourcing is associated with the word globalization and contracting out. Outsource is if a company outsources, it pays to have part of its work done by another company Unions are fighting a plan by the university to outsource all non-academic services. Some companies outsource to cheaper locations to cut costs. That happened to… Continue reading Outsourced

Gran Torino

What are some of the challenges and pressures Thao and Sue have to deal with as second-generation immigrants? The Hmong-family had to move from their homeland to a country with opportunities to live a safer life, getting a job and get educated. Thao and Sue have opportunities than their parents and grandparents had. They might… Continue reading Gran Torino