Gran Torino

What are some of the challenges and pressures Thao and Sue have to deal with as second-generation immigrants? The Hmong-family had to move from their homeland to a country with opportunities to live a safer life, getting a job and get educated. Thao and Sue have opportunities than their parents and grandparents had. They might… Continue reading Gran Torino

Niger Delta Blues

We learn that the environmental devastation is caused by the oil industry in the Niger Delta. The situation in Nigeria is that the citizen’s don´t belong to the artificial entity called Nigeria. Because there are no schools, medical clinics or social services in most of their villages, no electricity and no clean drinking water. In… Continue reading Niger Delta Blues


I am going to discuss the film ”Girl Rising” It`s a film with a powerful message. It is an empowering and revolutionary documentary by the Academy Award-nominated director Richard E. Robbins. The film is about nine girls that are telling their life stories. They struggle every day for freedom, education and a voice. All of… Continue reading GIRL RISING

United Nations Millennium Development Goal

United Nations Millennium Development Goal is an ambitious dimensioning about social and economical development made by FNs general assembly to the new thousand years. The United Nations Millennium Development Goal has eight subsidiary goals. I’m going to talk about two of these goals, promote equal right and splitting extreme poverty. United Nations Millennium Development Goal… Continue reading United Nations Millennium Development Goal